Verstand Engineering, Inc.

A r e a s  o f  S e r v i c e

SPECIAL MACHINERY DESIGN:  Includes Tool Layouts, Fixturing, CNC Fixturing, Multi-Spindle Heads, Indexing and Transfer Equipment, Automatic Part Loading/Unloading and Automatic Tool Changers.  

C.N.C. SYSTEMS: Innovative Process Creation Providing Equipment Selection and Integration to Attain the Most Cost Effective and Reliable Solutions to Production Requirements with Complete Design Engineering and Support Services.

PROBLEM SOLVING: Machine/Production/Process Enhancements for Improved Through-Put.

GENERAL TOOL DESIGN:  Includes Processing and Engineering of Fixtures and Gaging Equipment for Standard Machines.  Also, Design of Retooling to Process New Parts on Existing Machines.

AUTOMATIC ASSEMBLY & TEST EQUIPMENT:  Design of Machines and/or Fixtures to Automatically Feed and Assemble Components for Small, Medium and Large Part Assemblies. Design and Coordinate All Ancillary Equipment.

ROBOTIC SYSTEMS:  Design of Robotic Work Cell Components such as End-of-Arm Tooling, Equipment to Optimize Work Flow and Safety Perimeter Fencing.

PROCESSING FOR MANUFACTURE:  Low, Medium and High Production Specification of Manufacturing Equipment for the Individual Operation or for the entire System.

PRODUCT ENGINEERING:  Innovative Design and Development of New Products.  Redesign of Products already being manufactured.

COMPUTER AIDED DESIGN:  CAD Operating System is AutoCAD R2000, SolidWorks 2009 and AutoDesk Inventor.

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