Verstand Engineering, Inc.

C O M P A N Y   P R O F I L E  

VERSTAND ENGINEERING was incorporated in 1961 in Centerline, Michigan with a staff of four Mechanical Engineers and Machine Designers dedicated to providing a quality engineering service to major manufacturing companies.  The company has since grown to a staff of over 70 employees and operates out of two main facilities, one in Madison Heights, Michigan and the other in Traverse City, Michigan. 

The name “Verstand” is a German word meaning understanding, discernment and good judgment—necessary and desirable qualities for a successful endeavor.  The company’s founders operated on a strong conviction that a firm applying the “verstand” principles in their operations, while offering top quality mechanical design service, provided by a dedicated, well-trained engineering staff, could attract and successfully service major manufacturing companies.


The Greek letter Sigma ( å ) was adopted and registered as a company logo.  Sigma, as a mathematical symbol, is used to indicate sum or summation.


The current client listing includes most major machine tool builders in the United States,  Canada and England.  Our primary objective is to earn continuous and repeat business from these clients.  We believe this can be accomplished through establishing customer relationships built on a client’s trust in our ability to dependably provide an innovative, reliable, timely and quality engineering service.



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